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English to Klingon Dictionary

  Planning on becoming fluent in Klington? Then this Klington to English dictionary might just help you do that. Find here the common words and expressions used by the Klington in the TV series Star Trek and impress even the most hardcore fan of this TV show.
Created By: Calaereb
Submitted to the Babylon Information Platform
under the title English - Klingon

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Horizontal Blanking (Retrace)

The process of bringing the electron beam in a CRT back to the left side of the screen after a left to right line has been traced on the screen. The beam is shut off, blanked, during the period of retrace. About 83% of the total horizontal line time is spent writing the line. The remaining 17% is spent bringing the beam back to the left side; retrace, before starting the next line. See Horizontal Scanning Frequency.

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